Touchy Feely Book

Touchy Feely Book


Touchy Feely is a design book that explores emotional ergonomics to help foster empathy for human-centered, inclusive design.

Rachel brushed her hair and felt confident to start the day. Chris brushed his hair and asked himself, “should I be losing this much?” Grace brushed their hair and winced. Charlie brushed his hair and wished he were someone else.

People feel a lot of things when they interact with things, like a brush.

Seemingly mundane everyday micro-interactions can be rich with emotion. Touchy/Feely is a tool for uncovering the richness of micro-interactions to build and apply empathy during the design process. A Touchy is an interaction. A Feely is an emotional response to the interaction. It can be something you say out loud, something you say to yourself, something commonly said, specific memories or associations, a physiological reaction, or some other emotional descriptor. Some Feelies are personal because we bring our own references and memories to interactions. Some Feelies are more universal because we have shared experiences and cultural associations. By examining micro-interactions to better understand the emotional responses people have to them, Touchy/Feely helps us see patterns and connect the dots between interactions, feelings, and gestures to create good design for people.

The Touchy Feely book is a selection of 100 illustrations of different Touchies and their corresponding Feelies, which read like frenetic poetry and represent a diverse range of emotions.

This 6" x 6" hardcover book is 222 pages with a semigloss laminated cover finish, Mohawk super smooth uncoated 120gsm interior pages made with renewable energy, and black end pages. All paper is also FSC certified, a certification of the Forest Stewardship Council, meaning the paper comes from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

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